I’m Aubree…

I’m a wife, mom to a toddler boy and dog mom to a morkie puppy. I’m a first-time homeowner, long-time fabric hoarder, list-maker, recovering perfectionist (mhmm, right…), and sleep-lover.

I have grand dreams of becoming one of those wildly-successful bloggers and building this little creative space into a business that serves millions of crafters in need of inspiration, as well as supports my family to have the lifestyle of our dreams.

This is all possible to an amazing husband who is the #1 supporter of those wild dreams. Without his encouragement, I’d still be stuck in the odd healthcare or supply chain job, working for too-large or too-small of companies where I don’t really belong, all while my true passions patiently wait on the sidelines.

And, if you couldn’t tell, I’m passionate about crafts and homemaking–and getting to stay home doing those things!

I love sharing my craft skills and projects with my family, but I also want to share those things with anyone who might stumble onto this blog, looking for their next crafting inspiration.

I’m a firm believer that…

anyone can create!

Even for those who say they’re “just not crafty.” I’ve been doing this–making, crafting, creating–a long time, but I still had to learn it somewhere. If you’re brand new to this, welcome! You’re in the perfect spot to start learning how to create a handmade lifestyle!

Right now…

…you could probably catch me at home (in pajamas because #priorities), hanging out in my messy craft room during nap time, at least 30 projects in some stage of completion, baby monitor on my desk, a head full of new crafts I want to try, and a tired puppy at my feet (grateful we’re staying in one spot for at least the next half hour).

The extras:

–My husband and I met on Tinder and got engaged in Paris, France. We don’t mean to one-up engagement stories…but it happens a lot. #sorrynotsorry

Aubree Originals wedding and engagement photos

–I have a bachelors degree in biology. Say whaaat? (…but why?)

–I’ve traveled to 9 countries and counting (I’m being optimistic). In order: South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and England. (I’ve also been to North Korea via the DMZ and Vatican City, which is technically its own country.) I have so many favorites: solo traveling, snorkeling with amazing sea life, paying only 50 baht for fresh som tam, La Sagrada Familia, the catacombs (oh, and being proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower), Stonehenge, pastries, gelato…it’s a long list, and I’m itching to add to it.

Aubree Originals international travel photos

–I love a good BBC/”bonnet” series. My favorites are North & South, Cranford, Jane Eyre (there are several), Mansfield Park (there are several), and Pride & Prejudice. My go-to watching buddy was my younger sister, but now that we don’t live together, I’ve had to adapt. Sadly, the only way to get my husband to watch these with me is to bring my iPad into bed when he’s about to go to sleep. And then there’s no escape (I’m a good wife).

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