How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Tie Organizer

Men’s ties can be difficult to organize–especially for the man in your life that loves to collect ties. But this cheap DIY tie organizer for less than $10 is quick, easy, and space-saving!

how to easily organize ties

Jared and I have been living in our house for almost a year (which means we’re coming up on our year anniversary–go us!). You know, you learn a lot about a house and husband during that time…

What I’ve learned about the house

  • crab grass sucks (oh wait, that’s about the yard)
  • window seats are cute but possibly drafty and make a front room awkward for arranging furniture
  • even carpeted stairs can be slippery–my poor tailbone–twice
  • having spare bedrooms (one for a craft room and one for a man cave) is essential
  • slow-close toilet lids are obnoxious because they tend to pop off regularly
  • having a double oven (that’s the size of a regular oven) is amazing!
  • you really don’t notice an imperfect paint job (who am I kidding, I notice everything ๐Ÿ˜‚–now Jared, about that vaulted ceiling in the entryway…)

What I’ve learned about the husband

  • he makes a delicious Indian curry from scratch (and can cook anything, even if he thinks he can’t)
  • he works incredibly hard and doesn’t get a lot of sleep (the hazards of having to be at work at 5 am and being married to a night owl)
  • you can’t interrupt a “Raid”–some video game thing about going into gears of war against a girl named Destiny, climbing towers and smiting phoenixes, leveling up to buy new pickaxes, and flossing at fountains to taunt the enemy (did I get all that right, Jared?)
  • he is a super picky eater, but is a champ when it comes to trying new things (high five for buffalo chicken pasta! –with just a few modifications)
  • unpacking boxes is at the bottom of his honey-do list
  • he collects ties–like, a LOT of ties–so I’m set for every Father’s Day ever

and to be fair…

What Jared would say he’s learned about the wife

  • she’s practically perfect in every way

*happy sigh* And that’s why I love him.

But back to the ties

93 of them, to be exact. And up until a couple weeks ago, they looked like this:

Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space
Crammed into a box…in the corner of our bedroom…an “eventually” project…
Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space
Disregard our lack of closet doors…who needs those, anyway?

After months of these boxes sitting in the corner of our bedroom, my OCD got the better of me and I went on an organizing binge (or would you call it a purge?). I researched tie organization ideas for a few days and ultimately decided on the most inexpensive and most space-utilizing option–one day we’ll have to upgrade to those roomy walk-in closet things.

The Best Way to Organize Ties


Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space
I ended up using 8 packs of shower rings

Note: count how many ties you have before going to the store. Or, just get extra shower rings the first time you go.

I only got 6 packs to start (there was no way Jared could have more than 72 ties, right?), so halfway through, ran back for more.

I got all the way home after my second trip to Walmart and the shower rings were nowhere to be found in my car. And then it dawned on me, “Oh, Aubree, remember that time that you were in the self-checkout and thought ‘I shouldn’t put these shower rings in a bag because I’ll forget to grab the bag on my way out’ but you put them in the bag anyway?”

Oh, yeah, that. So I ran all the way back to Walmart (in my car, of course, I don’t actually run) and there they were, waiting for me at self-checkout. Face palm.


1. Organize ties according to most-worn or by color. I chose color, because it’s just so satisfying.

Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space

2. Unlatch shower rings and attach to hangers. I found that 29 fit on one hanger–and having a full hanger keeps the ties from falling to one side.

3. Use a free-standing clothing rack to make the organizing even easier (optional, but helpful if your closet is crowded or hard to work in). (P.S. These things are great for hang-drying laundry! We couldn’t live without it. Another inexpensive Walmart purchase.)

Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small SpaceMen's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space

4. Slip ties through shower rings, being careful not to run them over the shower ring’s latch: it could potentially snag the tie if you’re not careful (but it’s easy to avoid that).

5. Hang in your closet and enjoy being able to easily thumb through your rainbow of ties!

Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space
See? I feel like this doesn’t take up nearly as much space as some other tie organizers I’ve seen. But then again, I don’t think the average male has this many ties…
Men's Tie Organizer to Make the Most of a Small Space

And that’s how you organize 93 ties (minus a few that I left off these hangers). But, somehow three more ties appeared over the weekend…huh, how did that happen, exactly, Jared? So it looks like I need to make that fourth hanger after all…๐Ÿ™„

Do you have a tie-hoarder in your household? What are your organizational tricks?

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14 thoughts on “How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Tie Organizer”

  1. Sigh! So much better!
    The last solution I found of rolling the ties made so much extra work and thus the pile of ties reappeared. But let me tell you rolled ties are so pretty. But pretty doesnโ€™t equal functional.
    Iโ€™m calling this shower ring solution the work smarter not harder solution! Just finished the hanger and Iโ€™m pretty excited for my hubby to get home and see it!
    Thanks for sharing, I was truly stumped on what to do with the ties!

  2. This is Brilliant!!! I’ve been using the over the door towel racks with the ties facing forward. This will save so much space! Thank you!!!
    Also love your sense of humor.

  3. My husband probably has around 200 ties currently in a storage box and a laundry bag smh. He wears a suit and tie 6-7 days a week. We have very small closets in our home and I have been looking for some kind of way to store the ties and suits. I will try this and see how this works for him. Thank you for the idea!

  4. I am a tie hoarder, I’m afraid Jared doesn’t have all that many ties. I have more than double his stock, and still collecting more. I figure if I am wearing ties 3-4 times a week for Zoom meetings I might as well enjoy adding to my rainbow of colors. I love your organizing idea and am going to do the same thing. Much more space saving than my current setup. Thank you for the idea. “Happy tie collecting Jared”

    1. Yes, I bet you do tend to collect a lot more ties when you have to wear them for work! Thanks for the comment, Dusty, I hope this improves your tie organization!

  5. I use the closet maid shelf wire to hold mine instead of hangers. (I’m female but I have hundreds for sewing purposes) I just put the curtain rings straight on the shelf, like every other 2nd or 3rd wire… This works well if you have lower-height shelves. I have also used the tiers/rungs from an old chandelier (the type that had all the glass rectangles hanging from it) it spins which is really cool!!

  6. Fantastic. My next organizing project. I have over 200 ties that I have acquired for crafting projects. They are in a tub that take up a lot of room in my craft room.

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