How to Make a Romantic Gold Deco Mesh Wreath for Valentine’s

Use this simple tutorial to make an easy deco mesh wreath for Valentine’s! The gold mesh and floral ribbon gives this such a fun, romantic look. It almost reminds me of Beauty and the Beast!

gold Valentine's deco mesh wreath

Okay…who knew that deco mesh could be so fun?! It used to intimidate me (and sometimes it still does, because, I’ll be honest, I’m still learning all the tricks). But it’s really not that difficult once you get the hang of it!

And did I mention that deco mesh creates gorgeous wreaths? Check out the Valentine’s wreath I made for myself a few days ago:

pink Valentine's deco mesh wreath
Totally gorgeous, huh?!

I know I only really need one Valentine’s wreath, but I’m super crushing on this gold one (which is a gift for my mother-in-law), so…I might need to make another soon.

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What do you need to make a deco mesh wreath?

deco mesh wreath supplies
  • deco mesh, in 5.5″ or 10″ rolls (I used 10″ for this gold wreath, but a combination of 5.5″ and 10″ in my pink wreath). Search for deco mesh variety on Amazon and you’ll find lots of great color options!
  • chenille stems (also called pipe cleaners), preferably the same color as your mesh
  • floral picks and embellishments
  • hot glue for attaching picks/embellishments
  • a wire wreath form (I used a 16″ wreath form for the gold wreath, and an 18″ wreath form for the pink wreath–I love both sizes!)
  • Fray Check, optional

How to make a deco mesh wreath

Prepare the wreath form

Fold your chenille stems in half. You will use 3 chenille stems per section of the wreath form (my wreath form has 8 sections, so I needed 24 chenille stems for this part).

Slip one stem around the outside ring, one on the inner-most ring, and one on either one of the two inside rings.

wire wreath form with chenille stems
This picture only shows a chenille stem on the outside and inner-most rings because I added the middle ones later. But it’ll be easier to do it now!

As you’ll see, these chenille stems are long enough that you can use them for securing all your wreath elements, which makes the process go a lot faster and easier. So don’t cut them down until the very end!

Add deco mesh to the wreath form

Important note: Do not cut the deco mesh until you are completely finished wrapping it around the wreath form! We will be working with the entire roll until that point.

To start, gather the end of your deco mesh and pinch a section as shown, leaving a few inches on the end. (You can do a “fan” or “accordion” fold if that helps you pinch it easier.)

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Tie this first pinched section into one of the chenille stems on an outer ring. Twist a few times to secure.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Next, create a “poof” about 8 or 9 inches wide. Pinch at the end of the poof and secure to the next section of the wreath form with the outer chenille stem.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Go around the entire outer ring using this “poof-pinch-secure” pattern.

gold deco mesh wreath process

Once you’ve used all the outer ties, secure the mesh to the inner-most ring, using the same method. (We’re basically creating a spiral of deco mesh.)

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

This is the point where I decided two layers of deco mesh wasn’t enough, so I added the chenille stems to one of the middle rings.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Continue securing the deco mesh, now going around one of the middle rings (wherever you put your last chenille stems). Until it looks like this:

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Now you’re ready to cut the deco mesh. Leave a few inches and then cut, about where my fingers are in this picture:

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Push the tail to the back of the wreath form so it’s not visible. (You could secure it with another chenille stem or glue it, if needed.)

Add ribbon to the deco mesh wreath

There are so many ways to incorporate ribbon in a deco mesh wreath! Play with different techniques until you find what you like!

To start, I decided to bunch long lengths of ribbon around the wreath, similar to how we applied the deco mesh.

Using the same chenille stems that are securing the mesh, pinch and secure the end of your ribbon, leaving a small tail.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Now, loop the ribbon around to the next chenille stem, making your ribbon as “poofy” as you like. Where your “next” chenille stem is depends on how you want your ribbon to look. I went with a back-and-forth pattern for this first ribbon, going from an outer ring to an inner ring and so on.

How to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Once you’re finished, secure and trim the ribbon the way we did the deco mesh.

Add as many kinds of ribbon as you want. This time, I left the ribbon on the outer ring.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath
how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

And I secured my last type of ribbon to the inner-most ring.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Now, you can add ribbon in bunches or tie small sections of ribbon around the wreath form. Again, practice and play with what look you like!

To add ribbon bunches, cut your ribbon in about 9-inch sections.

cut ribbon for deco mesh wreath

To easily cut the ends of wide ribbon into points, fold the ribbon in half and cut on a diagonal as shown:

cutting ribbon for deco mesh wreath

Now, gather one of each kind of ribbon (or as many pieces as you want), pinch in the middle, and secure to the wreath form with one of the chenille stems.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

You could use all wired ribbon, but I like the “floppiness” of the non-wired ribbon here. Here you can see 4 “ribbon bunches” tied to the wreath form:

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath for Valentine's
how to make a gold Valentine's deco mesh wreath
I had contemplated adding more polka dot and striped ribbon in the same manner (as you can see on the right side of this picture), but ultimately decided it was too much. Feel free to add as much ribbon as you like, though!

Cut and secure the ends of the chenille stems

Unless you plan to use the chenille stems to secure any of your embellishments or picks, now is a good time to cut and secure them.

I like to twist the ends a few more times for extra security.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Then, I trim them down and push the ends through the wreath form or around the wire–however it works so that they’re secure and won’t poke anyone.

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Do this all the way around and make sure you don’t miss any! (This is my least favorite part of the wreath-making process, haha.)

Add picks and embellishments to the wreath

I used hot glue to secure the roses and hearts. If you use hot glue, be careful that you don’t make a mess or burn yourself with the hot glue, as it goes through the holes in the deco mesh!

To secure these fun wired pearls, I slipped the end through the deco mesh, and looped it back through a few times, making sure to secure the sharp ends so they won’t poke through. (Also, be careful not to stab yourself while you’re doing this! I may or may not speak from experience…)

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath

Make a ribbon wreath hanger

To make a ribbon hanger, slip a piece of ribbon through the back of the wreath form (around 1 or 2 of the wires). (Make sure this is the top of the wreath form, where you want it to hang.)

Tie a strong double or triple knot at the top and trim the ends of the ribbon. (My loop is only about 3 inches–or I guess, technically, it would be a 6-inch length of ribbon folded in half.)

how to make a deco mesh wreath hanger

Slide your ribbon loop so that the knot is hidden on the back of the wreath form. Secure the knot to the wreath form (or to the mesh or ribbon nearby) with hot glue. Hold until the glue is cooled and the loop is secure.

Note: I prefer skinnier, non-wired ribbon for my wreath hangers, simply because they look better when they’re bunched on my door hook.

Optional: Apply Fray Check to the ends of the ribbon

If you’re worried about ribbon fraying, I recommend adding a little bit of Fray Check, wherever the cut ends of the ribbon show.

how to make a deco mesh wreath

I do this very last since I’m too impatient to wait for it to dry while I’m working on the ribbon step!

Hang your deco mesh wreath and enjoy!

I love how this turned out! It was cheap, easy, and came together much faster than I anticipated. Now onto the next holiday!

how to make a gold deco mesh wreath for Valentine's
romantic gold deco mesh wreath for Valentine's
Ahh, so gorgeous! And it totally reminds me of Beauty and the Beast with the gold mesh and roses!

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how to make a deco mesh wreath

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