FREE Printable Bucket List to Max Your October

Looking for ideas to add to your fall bucket list? This list of 31 things to do in October is the perfect place to start! Fun for kids and adults!

Do you know what today is?! Well, nothing terribly amazing, except that we’re 5 days away from October–arguably the best month of the year, in the Book of Aubree. And that is super exciting! (And, also, where did this year go?)

If fall is your favorite season, like it is mine, you know just how fast it comes and goes. In all the mad rush of a new school year and holidays one after another, it’s easy to blink and miss some of the season’s best (with an “oh well, maybe next year” sigh).

But not this year! I’m determined to do everything on my October bucket list this time around. Unlike my actual bucket list, this one is totally doable from home–and on a minimal budget. So I decided to share it with you–in the form of this adorable free printable! (Hooray for free things!)

Free printable October bucket list

FREE Printable October Bucket List: all the things you need to do before the month is over! Head to the blog for the free download!

There are 31 items on this list, so potentially you could complete one a day during the month of October–we could even unofficially call it a 31-day challenge. These 31 items are pretty generic, but feel free to change any to fit your needs (yes, celebrating the month of October is a need).

I’d love to see your progress as you go along, so tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #aubreemademedoit. 😃

Snag your FREE printable bucket list! Looking for ideas to add to your fall bucket list? This list of 31 things to do in October is the perfect place to start! Fun for kids and adults!

Download your FREE October Bucket List HERE

How to make the most of Fall

Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions for the October Bucket List:

  • Need some scary movie suggestions? I love Psycho, Poltergeist, Young Frankenstein, The Ghost of Mr. Chicken, and Split. I’ve never seen Wait Until Dark, so that might have to be my movie this year.
  • If you choose to make your own Halloween costume, start NOW–or three months ago. I was frantically sewing up until the last minute last year (and was several hours late to my friends’ party…which I still feel bad about). But…my costume was pretty cool. See more about it below.
  • If you don’t know where to find a large pile of leaves to jump in, wait a few weeks and then please come to my backyard. I simply ask that you rake your own pile and bag it afterwards (it’s a small request…).
  • My family’s apple syrup recipe is so easy and delicious! And over some homemade whole wheat pancakes? It’s arguably my favorite fall (or anytime!) breakfast.
  • A Halloween wreath tutorial is on its way to the blog (and I’m so excited about it!), but you could easily adapt this picture frame wreath tutorial for Halloween–use orange or black burlap (or paint), swap out the fall picks, and make or buy a “Happy Halloween” sign.
  • Finally, does anyone actually enjoy candy corn? Like, you could eat a whole bag of them? I can’t decide if I love them or hate them. I mostly eat them because they’re Halloweeny and just there…ya know?

While we’re on the topic of bucket lists, I’d thought I’d share my personal bucket list accomplishments over the last year. It was actually kind of fun to take inventory and see how many I was able to cross off! (A piece of advice: just get married, it’ll allow you to cross off all kinds of things.)

My bucket list updates

#59. Do something entirely reckless and irresponsible (quit my job to start a full-time blog, July 2018)

Yeah…so that was a thing. My ultimate goal is to make this a money-making blog, which would allow me to work my dream job: staying home and creating, all day, every day! That’s why you might start seeing ads and affiliate links soon–earning those commissions will allow me to keep providing free tutorials and content. So, I appreciate your support!

#61. Sew a Halloween costume (October 2017)

At the time I wrote this item, I imagined it’d be a child’s costume that I’d sew. But, no, I’ve become a costume-loving adult all of a sudden. Lucky Jared. I foresee so many couple and family costumes in our future. 😍

I have a love/hate relationship with The Nightmare Before Christmas–like, I initially hated it because it’s so weird and twisted, but I watched it enough times that the weirdness grew on me and now I would give Tim Burton the “slow, you’re alright” nod if I passed him on the street. So, Jared and I had to be Jack and Sally for Halloween last year…obvs.

We neglected to get a really good picture because I always forget. Lesson learned for this year!

We bought the Jack costume, except for the head, which I made from paper mache. For Sally, I bought a wig, dyed two pairs of tights (and turned one pair into arm sleeves), sewed the dress (without a pattern, because I’m crazy), and did my own makeup. It was a busy week.

I wore the makeup to work and no one knew who I was. Or maybe that’s because I was a temp and no one knew who I was anyway.

#66. Cook a meal aside my husband (Fall 2017)

I don’t recall the exact meal we made, but it turns out Jared is a great cook (even if he thinks he isn’t). And even if I cook 90% of the time, I love that Jared takes an active role in our meal plans.

#67. Plan a wedding, start to finish (Fall 2017)

Aw, this was the best day ever! I will be posting later this week to talk more about my wedding-planning process and some tips to ensure it truly is the best day ever.

#77. Paint the walls in a home (Fall 2017)

Ugh. Don’t put this one on your bucket list, if you can help it. Just hire someone to do it and save yourself a headache. 😉

#128. Milk a cow (October 2017)

Jared and I honeymooned in Vermont and went to Shelburne Farms. And I milked a cow! Yeah, I stood in line with a bunch of little kids to do it, with their moms proudly taking pictures, so what? It’s not like there was an age limit sign. When it comes to the bucket list, you gotta do what you gotta do.

#158. Write wedding vows (September 2017)

This was one of my favorite parts of the wedding! Though, we actually wrote our vows (essentially, love letters) to each other and read them at our first look/bridal photography session. We decided they were too private and special to share with anyone else. It’s now one of my prized possessions. I recommend everyone do this!

#162. Be endowed in the temple (September 8, 2018)

This was such a good day. You can learn all about temples for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here.

Draper Utah LDS Temple
Draper Utah LDS Temple

#165. Change my last name (October 2017)

Thank goodness Jared’s last name wasn’t something crazy. After a year of using his last name, it finally feels like my own. I rather like sharing it with him.

#182. Become an aunt (September 2017–I was an uncle before that, though)

Not to brag, but I have the cutest niece and nephews. Until just recently, I was the only aunt in a family full of uncles, so for awhile, my youngest nephew called me Uncle Aubree. It was adorable.

#189. Mow a lawn (September 24, 2018)

When I was about 13, my dad decided it was time for me to start mowing the lawn. I gave it one go down the park strip, it was crooked, and so I never had to mow again. I just barely had Jared teach me the other night for real and it was a success, though maybe still crooked in some spots. (Also, I realize I just added this to the list and then crossed it off at the same time, which is kind of against the rules…but I could have sworn this had been put on the list ages ago. And I think it’s funny that I’m 27 and just barely mowing the lawn for the first time.)

11 items in one year? Not bad. But, at the rate I keep adding items to my bucket list, I really need to move a little faster. So much to do. But I think I’ll start with my October bucket list and eat some more candy corn. Just in case I decide I like them.

Snag your FREE printable bucket list! Looking for ideas to add to your fall bucket list? This list of 31 things to do in October is the perfect place to start! Fun for kids and adults!
Snag your FREE printable bucket list! Looking for ideas to add to your fall bucket list? This list of 31 things to do in October is the perfect place to start! Fun for kids and adults!

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