DIY Watermelon Gift For Summer & Free Printable Tags

Make a cute watermelon themed gift basket for summer! Finish your DIY gift with a printable “one in a melon” gift tag.

What is it about summer hitting and suddenly I’m craving watermelon? It must be a conditioned response to those warm temperatures.

I’m also a sucker for watermelon prints and watermelon-flavored candy. This easy summer gift idea combines all the best watermelon things and goes perfectly with a “one in a melon” gift tag. Grab the free printable tags below!

diy watermelon gift idea

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The Ultimate List of Watermelon Gift Ideas

If you’re wondering what to put in a DIY watermelon gift, these lists will give you lots of ideas. Surprisingly, watermelon items are pretty easy to find, so this is actually a super quick themed gift to put together!

watermelon themed gift ideas


If I don’t specify the flavor, assume it’s the watermelon flavor:

  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Frooties (the mini Tootsie roll candies)
  • Airheads
  • SweetTarts Ropes (watermelon berry flavor)
  • Now and Later
  • Gum: Extra (sweet watermelon), Trident (watermelon twist), Mentos
  • Claey’s Old-Fashioned Hard Candies
  • Haribo Gummi candy
  • Jolly Rancher
  • SmartSweets lollipops
  • SmartSweets sourmelon bites (the healthier/dye-free option is nice…but I can never seem to enjoy these, sadly)
  • Mike & Ike sour watermelon
  • Wiley Wallaby licorice
  • Rips licorice (My favorite sour licorice! One of the candies I miss the most now that I’m gluten-free.)


  • Poppi soda (I’m obsessed with Poppi, and watermelon is one of my favorite flavors!)
  • Simply watermelon juice
  • Minute Maid watermelon
  • Arizona
  • V8 Splash watermelon cherry
  • LaCroix
  • Bai kula watermelon
  • Sparkling Ice strawberry watermelon
  • Crush soda or drink mix packet
  • Kool-Aid Jammers or Kool-Aid packet

Non-food items

Any items with a watermelon print or shaped to look like watermelon will work great in this gift. Check out stores like Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Target during the summertime. Craft stores may also have seasonal watermelon-themed items.

I used a watermelon-print kitchen towel I found at Dollar Tree, as well as watermelon-shaped sunglasses.

This mug is adorable. Simply fill with treats or other small items and you’re good to go!

Any of these socks would be a fun addition (and who knew watermelon was such a popular print for socks?!).

You can often find household and beauty products that are watermelon scented or themed, like:

How cute and perfect is this potholder?! Pair it with this watermelon spatula.

If your gift recipient is a gardener, you could even include a packet of watermelon seeds.

Gift container ideas

I found a red utensil caddy at Dollar Tree that worked perfect as my “basket” for this watermelon gift. Here are some other container or basket options:

  • I think these jelly bags make the cutest baskets for gifts! The rose pink color definitely says watermelon to me. You might be able to find similar baskets for cheaper at local stores during the spring/summer.
  • These goodie bags are perfect for group gifts or party favors (they even come with “one in a melon” stickers!)
  • Clear treat bags work great, but you might as well go with these watermelon ones.
  • A mason jar makes a great gift container. Leave it as is to let your watermelon gift show through, or paint the jar pink and green to look like a watermelon.
  • Any pink, red, or green container will complement your watermelon gift items. Dollar Tree will be the least expensive, usually, so I’d start there.

How to use these free printable watermelon tags

diy watermelon gift with printable tags

For your convenience, this download is for a full sheet of tags that say “you’re one in a melon” (a play on “you’re one in a million”). With this full sheet, you could easily mass-produce small watermelon gifts for a group–just pick one of the small treats above and tie on a tag with ribbon!

Note: These gift tags are for personal use only and may not be shared, sold, or distributed, in whole or in part. Please do not share this PDF file or the download link–they are for personal use only. Please share a link to this blog post instead!

free printable watermelon gift tags

Tips for printing: Make sure your printer settings are set to scale 100% and print at a high quality. For best results, print on white cardstock.

Once printed, you can use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut the tags out. Punch a hole at the top of the tag with a hole punch and tie to your gift with ribbon, baker’s twine, or yarn.

Easy DIY Watermelon Gift

diy watermelon gift basket for summer

I hope you love this themed summer gift idea! It’s…wait for it…one in a melon! 😜

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free one in a melon watermelon gift tags

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