How to Store Clear Stamps Vertically

Clear storage pockets are the key to organizing clear, acrylic, and cling stamps so you can easily find what you need. Now you have no excuse not to use your clear stamps for that next scrapbooking or card making project!

clear storage bins for stamp craft supplies

Thank goodness for clear acrylic stamps. Because if you read my How to Store Wood-Mounted Rubber Stamps post, you know how difficult it can be to find enough space to store rubber stamps. Clear stamps take up so much less space! (Plus they’re cheaper, which is fun for us craft hoarders…)

I had originally been storing my clear stamps in one big plastic bin and there was absolutely no organization within it. It was terrible, because I could never find the stamp I was looking for (at least not without dumping out the entire bin).

So I’d often skip the stamping part of my papercraft project and substitute with patterned paper. And what a waste to not be using my perfectly good (and super cute!) clear stamp collection!

So, I did some serious research to see what kind of clear stamp storage options were out there. And I landed on this method that I am so happy about!

P.S. This is also the method that Jennifer McGuire uses, so you know it’s gotta be good! She is a professional card maker and has the craft room of dreams.

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The best way to organize clear stamps

I will list some other organization options later in the post, but this is the method I now use to store my clear stamps and I absolutely love it! After seeing how organized my clear stamps are in such a tiny amount of space, I recommend this as the best way to organize clear stamps.

This storage method uses Avery Elle stamp and die storage pockets, which, as the name implies, are specifically designed to store acrylic stamps. They are little plastic sleeves, similar to a plastic sheet protector, but with a flap on one end that can be folded over and tucked in.

clear alphabet stamp set in clear storage pocket

I purchased the pack of 50, and that was plenty to store my clear stamps. So this was a very inexpensive option for me!

gnome cling stamp set in clear storage sleeve
These pockets also work great for cling stamps…
Cuttlebug dies in clear storage pockets
And tall, skinny dies…
embossing folders in clear storage pockets
And embossing folders!

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Why this is the best option to store clear stamps

clear stamps in clear storage pockets

By storing your clear stamps in the Avery Elle stamp and die storage pockets, you can store them vertically! Like a mini stamp library! By storing them upright in a bin or drawer, you’ll be able to easily thumb through to find the set you need.

If you want to be extra organized, you can make labelled sticky tabs to separate different themes of stamps within your bin or drawer–so you know right where that super cute llama stamp set is. Just stick the tabs on the first stamp pocket of that category.

Or, make cards that are slightly taller than your stamp pockets (out of heavy cardstock or plastic office folders) and label them with a super handy label maker–like a card catalog of sorts.

The perfect bins to hold clear stamp pockets

stamping craft supplies in clear bins
In addition to the clear stamp storage pockets, I also store Cuttlebug accessories, dies, large stamps, and my magnetic stamp set in the bins. Such a great use of space and I know where everything is!

These clear bins are the perfect width to store stamp storage pockets, making it a breeze to flip through and find what you need!

(P.S. I also use the same clear bins to store acrylic paint and fabric fat quarters…they’re kind of my new favorite.)

stamping craft supplies in clear bin

*Note: the storage pockets I purchased are the large 5.5″ x 7.25″ size. If you purchase the extra large pockets, you’ll want to search around for a larger bin (I think Walmart and Target both have some plastic woven baskets that would be great).

Side note: I had originally considered purchasing these plastic binder pages, which I’ve heard are a little sturdier than the Avery Elle pockets. But I ultimately didn’t because I’d have to buy twice as many, spend twice as much–and I’d also have to carefully cut them in half. Which sounded like way too much work!

Go with the Avery Elle pockets, and you won’t be disappointed!

For even further explanation on stamp storage pockets (and a few other size options), check out this comprehensive video from Jennifer McGuire:

Other bin and organizer options

These would also be great for storing your clear stamp storage pockets (just be sure to check the dimensions against the size of the pockets you choose):

How will Avery Elle stamp storage pockets hold up over time?

If you’re super rough with your Avery Elle pockets, yes, I suppose they could tear (they are still plastic, after all). But I think the material is perfectly strong for my needs and I don’t honestly foresee ever needing to replace them due to wear.

My only qualm with the Avery Elle pockets is that some smaller stamps tend to slip down into the bottom of the pocket. But, I suppose if it really bothered me, I could buy the smaller-sized pockets that Avery Elle offers. Or, a variety pack if you want multiple different sizes from the get-go.

clear acrylic stamps in clear storage pocket
If this bothers you, purchase the smaller pockets or see one of the other storage options below!

How to store clear stamps in storage pockets

To easily store your clear stamps within these pockets, you’ll want to preserve the thin plastic backing that comes with your stamp sets and keep the stamps mounted to that.

I believe most clear stamp sets come with a front and a back sheet, and you only really need one, so you can share some of your bigger sheets with smaller stamp sets. Just cut the sheets down to size to fit in the Avery Elle pockets you choose.

More Clear Stamp Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for something slightly different to keep your clear stamps organized, check out one of these folder/binder options:

You could also easily turn a small photo album into storage pockets for your clear stamps, dies, and embossing folders (it would essentially act like one of the binders above).

My beautifully-organized completed stamp storage

organized stamp supplies in clear bins on shelf
The bins are short enough that I can fit my Cuttlebug behind them on the shelf, which is perfect to have all my supplies in one place!

Ahh! That feels so good to have all my clear stamps sorted and organized. And see how little room it takes up? I love it so much!

Was this helpful? What organization method works best for you to easily see and use your clear acrylic stamps? Leave a comment below! And don’t forget to pin for later!

Don’t forget to pin and save for later!

the best way to organize clear stamps for your craft room
clear stamps in clear storage pockets

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wood-mounted rubber stamps in clear storage container


  1. Hi Aubree,
    The storing of your stamps sound like a great idea but I’m still not sure how it helps locate a specific stamp. For instance; you have “Happy Birthday” in many stamp sets by many different manufacturers. Without going through all of the pouches, how do you find that specific font you know you have but not sure which set it is in.

    1. Hi Karin, great question! I probably don’t have enough stamps personally where that’s an issue for me. But perhaps you could make an inventory binder for your stamps and write down where they’re located? You could take photos of them on the original carrier sheet or you could stamp them in categories (a page for all the birthday stamps, for example). That way even if your birthday stamps are in different locations your sheet could tell you at a glance what you have. I’m sorry I’m not more helpful!

  2. I have used the Avery Elle pockets for years. They are tough and hold up very well. I just placed an order for the 5×6? And the small square ones from Amazon. I’ve made some myself from scrapbook page pockets but they are not as sturdy.

  3. Hello! I came across your blog when searching for how to easily store stamps. The link to the bin is broken. Is the bin the mDesign Plastic Kitchen Organizer (2 pack), by chance? It’s 10x6x5. Thank you in advance for sharing!

    1. Hi Kristin! Yes, the 10x6x5 bins! I’ve updated the links as well (if you’re buying 4 or more, the 4-pack is slightly cheaper). 🙂

  4. Hello Aubree,

    I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but I’ve left two messages asking if you can tell me the name of the clear stamp set with the sea creatures shown above?

    When I check back, my messages have disappeared. Is it because I don’t fill in the website section? I haven’t got a website, it is just me looking for this set. It is the little bubbles that I really like. I’ve spent ages searching on Pinterest and Google, iI haven’t been able to find the name.

    I hope you can help.


    1. Hi Cherry, to answer your question about why comments don’t show up right after you post them, it’s because I have a spam filter that requires me to manually approve comments before they get posted. I was without a computer for a bit, so I apologize for my delay! The sea creature/bubble stamp set was most likely from Michaels craft store but unfortunately I don’t have a name for it–I believe it was just in their dollar bins, but it’s been years so it’s most likely not available anymore.

  5. Hello,

    Please can you tell me the name of the stamp set with the sea creatures on and all the little water bubbles?


  6. Hello Aubree,

    I’ve just managed to find both the storage sleeves and the boxes on Amazon France. I’ve been wanting to organize the clear stamps for a while. All my wooden stamps are stored in similar boxes to the ones you use, they are A4 size and have a carry handle and clips to close the box. Please can you tell me the name of the stamp set with the sea creatures?


    1. Hi Cherry, I’ve looked at my stamp sets again but I still can’t find a name for that stamp set. I think it was just from the dollar bins at Michaels craft store.

      1. Thanks for trying to find the name of the stamps Aubree. I’ve had to send for some more of the Avery Elle pockets. I didn’t realize how many clear stamps I had. It has made such a difference having them arranged the way you showed in the clear boxes.

        I’m also going to use the pockets to organize all my self adhesive pearls and rhinestones. I’ve got loads of them all just clumped together in a box. I’ve got tiny 1mm diamanté stones and pearls in different colours ranging up in size, so that is my next job.

        Thanks again,

  7. Hello, I know this is a long shot, I happen to run across your blog while searching for the name of a stamp set I have and in your photo, the one with the arrows. Do you happen to know what company that is from? I was silly and threw away the packaging and I for the life of me can’t remember or find the name of the company.

    1. Hi Susie, I don’t have details on this stamp set either, unfortunately. If I had to guess, I probably bought the set at Michaels, but other than that I’m not much help. I’ll let you know if I can find any more information on it, though!

  8. Hi, how do I get the backers for the stamp. I have the Avery Elle pockets but missing some of the stamp plastic backers. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    1. Hi! That’s a great question. I don’t know exactly what those backing sheets would be called (or if you can even buy them), but I suggest trying acetate sheets, like these ones from Cricut. And then just cut them to size, either with scissors/a strong paper trimmer (or a Cricut if you have one). Hopefully that helps!

  9. I have stored my stamps in these sleeves for a couple of years now and still look for other ways of storage — BUT I have come to conclusion that there is NO BETTER system. I will stay with this system until someone finds a better way. It is easier to add new sets without redoing everything.

    1. Hi Dorothy! I’m like you, I’m always looking for better organization methods in my craft room, especially as I keep adding to my supplies. So far this one is still working well for me, though. (I don’t stamp/scrapbook nearly as much as I used to so I haven’t felt a need to change yet.) 🙂

  10. About how many sleeves of stamps would you say you can store in one of those bins? I have been using binders for my stamps up until now, but I think my collection has grown to the point that it’s time to store them a different way.


    1. Hi Beth! I’d estimate that you could fit 45-50 sleeves of stamps in one bin like I have shown here. I think these bins would definitely be worth a try!

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