I Love You More Than Pizza Valentine’s Card DIY

This adorable Valentine’s card is perfect for pizza lovers! Learn how to make it step by step with your Cricut machine!

After making my cute gluten Valentine’s card, I decided to design one for pizza lovers as well. I think my husband would eat pizza for every meal if he could. Luckily, that is one gluten food that I won’t be sad about missing now that I know I have Celiac disease. That also makes this kind of a funny card to give my husband…but it’s not saying a lot for me. 😂

I will warn you that this card does have some pretty tiny pieces…I rearranged the layers and contoured as much as I could to make it easier to assemble, but it’s still a little tricky. Just get out your tweezers, though, and you’ll be fine!

how to make pizza valentine's card with Cricut

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What you need to make this pizza Valentine’s card

  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut Access subscription: This project uses Access images and fonts. If you’re not sure if Access is right for you, check out this post all about Cricut Access. (It’s so nice not to have to search anywhere else for images!)
  • white cardstock
  • cardstock for the pizza image: you’ll need black, beige, yellow, and two shades of reddish brown (I just used scraps I had on hand)
  • Cricut pen: I used a fine-point 0.4 in black
  • a white pen: This is for the white dots on the pizza’s eyes, which are optional but give you that cute kawaii face. I used the new Cricut opaque pen and it worked well.
  • LightGrip mat: I like this for cutting light- to medium-weight cardstock
  • tweezers: I’m using the pair that came with my Cricut machine, or there’s a couple different options in this set that would work
  • craft glue: I love this glue, especially for the super fine point tip—you’re going to want that for the tiny pieces!
  • foam tape or dots: I’ve been liking the foam tape from Dollar Tree! It’s super sticky and a great price. You just cut off what you need and can even cut it lengthwise if you need skinnier strips. Or try a variety pack like this one with precut squares.

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How to make this DIY pizza Valentine’s card

Customize in Cricut Design Space

Open my I Love You More Than Pizza Valentine’s Card project in Cricut Design Space. If you want to make any changes, choose Customize. You can adjust the colors to fit the colors of cardstock you’re using.

The finished card size is 4.75″ x 4.75″ which fits in envelopes like the ones that come with these Cricut cutaway cards. But, feel free to make this card larger (which will also make the pieces larger and easier to assemble). Just highlight everything on the canvas and drag the bounding box until it’s the size you want.

Cut with your Cricut machine

Click Make It. Choose your mat preferences. Set your base material to Medium Cardstock if using Cricut cardstock or anything of a similar weight.

For the white cardstock, load the pen into Clamp A and the scoring wheel into Clamp B. Follow the Design Space prompts to draw and score. Once finished, switch out the scoring wheel for the fine-point blade (do NOT unload the mat or you’ll lose your placement!).

Continue following the Design Space prompts until all mats/colors have been cut. If you’re having a hard time cutting the smaller/delicate pieces, try changing your material setting to “Cardstock (for intricate cuts)”.

cutting pizza valentine's card with Cricut

Also, as you remove the pieces from the mat, lay them out on your table in the same orientation so you know which piece goes where on the pizza.

how to paper craft this pizza valentine's card with Cricut

Assemble card

Carefully fold the white card on the score line (be sure to line up the corners so it folds straight!).

Glue the yellow cheese layer on top of the black background piece. Glue the thin red piece on top (right above the cheese). Glue the beige crust piece above that, centering it on the black.

Glue the sauce and pepperoni pieces on next, using your tweezers to hold them (I like to grab them with the tweezers before applying the glue, then it’s easy to transfer them straight to the background piece).

how to paper craft this pizza valentine's card with Cricut

Using your white pen, draw two white dots in the corner of the eyes to finish the kawaii-looking face.

DIY pizza valentine's card with Cricut

Apply foam tape or dots to the back of the pizza and adhere to the card. (You could also glue it down, but I love the way the foam tape makes it pop! The only time I maybe don’t recommend foam tape is when you’re mailing the card and worried about it getting crushed or costing extra postage for not being flat.)

DIY Cricut Valentine’s Card: I Love You More Than Pizza

DIY pizza valentine's card with Cricut

I hope you like this pizza Valentine’s card as much as I do! You just can’t go wrong with cute images like these (thanks, Cricut Access!).

DIY pizza valentine's card with Cricut

Happy paper crafting!

Aubree Originals crafts

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cute DIY pizza Valentine's card with Cricut

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