What Are Cricut Mystery Boxes and Are They Worth It?

Have you heard of Cricut Mystery Boxes? Wondering if they’re worth all the hype? Here’s everything you need to know to decide whether they’re for you!

As a Cricut beginner, I’m just barely learning about Cricut Mystery Boxes. I had no idea these were a thing until a few months ago. But with words like “mystery” and “limited”, how could I resist seeing what all the fuss was about?! And I had so much fun purchasing my first boxes (even if I was sweating all the way through checkout)!

If you’ve been wondering if you should try to get in on Cricut Mystery Boxes, keep reading for all the information and advice!

white Cricut cutie from mystery box

Also, be sure to read all the way through, there are some important updates throughout and more near the end!

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What are Cricut Mystery Boxes?

Cricut Mystery Boxes are fun, limited-time, themed “grab bags” of various Cricut materials and supplies. They’re released on a specific day and time and, because only a limited number are available, sell out very quickly. Cricut Mystery Boxes are usually offered at a highly discounted price compared to MSRP value of the items. Though Cricut refers to these boxes as “grab bags,” the items included are actually set and will be the same in each box, while supplies last.

Note: Occasionally, Cricut releases Digital Mystery Boxes that contain digital files, images, and/or fonts that can be used in Cricut Design Space. Digital boxes will NOT contain any physical items. Digital Mystery Boxes will clearly say “digital” in the description, but you can also easily tell the difference by the product image: digital boxes will usually be a logo (like Disney or Star Wars, for example), and regular boxes will be of a small gift box with a bow/ribbon (though this is not representative of the actual contents, as I’ll mention later).

Head to my post on Cricut Digital Mystery Boxes for more information. The rest of this post will be about regular mystery boxes (with physical items that are shipped).

What comes in a Cricut Mystery Box?

A Cricut Mystery Box can contain anything from vinyl (permanent, removable, and/or heat transfer) to cardstock and other materials, machine tools, handheld tools, pens and markers, Infusible Ink, project blanks, and Cricut cuties. Majority of past boxes seem to be primarily vinyl, but not always (some boxes ONLY contain Infusible Ink, for example). A Cricut cutie won’t necessarily come in a box, so be sure to watch an unboxing video or use the “formula” (more on this below) before purchase if this is what you’re counting on.

Are the photos in the Cricut Mystery Box item description representative of the actual contents?

No, the item description photos on Cricut’s website are usually of a small wrapped or crafted gift box and they’re definitely not representative of what you’ll receive in a mystery box (though the patterns or colors may give you a hint of the contents, as well as the title of the mystery box). You will receive unwrapped items packed simply in a cardboard shipping box. (You can see this in my screenshots and photos near the end of this post.)

How many items come in a Cricut Mystery Box?

You can see exactly how many items came in past boxes below, but I’d say 8-10 is an average number of items you might receive (including the cutie if there is one). But this totally depends on the box and also the price (Infusible Ink mystery boxes are much pricier and usually contain 13 items, including the cutie).

The way I look at it, if a $49.99 box comes with 10 items, that’s roughly $5 per item (though technically Cricut cuties don’t have a monetary value–see below). To me, this is a great deal and a great way to stock up on essentials! (Plus I get further discounts with my Premium Access subscription!)

What are Cricut cuties?

Cricut cuties are little plastic collector figurines of the Cricut mascot. They come in a variety of colors but are not available for purchase from Cricut. The only way to get a cutie is if you purchase a box or bundle that includes a cutie in it. Therefore, they’re highly coveted and definitely a huge motivating factor in my decision to buy mystery boxes…it’s a genius marketing tactic on Cricut’s part.

Cricut cutie candy apple red

Be sure to watch an unboxing video, if available, to see if a Cricut cutie will be included, because not every mystery box will include one in its set list of contents.

If an unboxing video is not available (for true mystery boxes–more on this below), then it will be a gamble. A lot of people use the “formula” that if the box costs $49.99 (higher price point) and is only available to Cricut Access members, then it will most likely contain a cutie. In the past, boxes that cost $39.99 and are available to anyone DO NOT contain a cutie.

periwinkle Cricut cutie mystery box 2021

P.S. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription and whitelist me, otherwise you won’t be officially subscribed and I can’t send you emails!

How often are Cricut Mystery Boxes released?

Cricut Mystery Boxes are released once, sometimes twice, a month*. They’re usually released on a weekday in the morning or mid-morning–to be safe, I’d say anywhere between 9 am and 2 pm MST. I’ve noticed that Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be the preferred release days, but not always.

*Multiple boxes are released during the month of March (for Craft Month), possibly one a week, which is very exciting and also very dangerous. πŸ˜‚

How do you find out what day and time a Cricut Mystery Box is released?

There are a handful of bloggers/YouTubers (called Cricut Product Experts) who work for Cricut and are given early access to Cricut Mystery Boxes so they can inform their readers the moment a box is released and/or do unboxing videos for anyone who might want to see the contents beforehand. You can sign up for email notifications from a couple of these people (like Jennifer Maker and Melody Lane), though I’ve noticed they don’t always send an email with every box. You can also sign up for my email notifications as an extra precaution–I’m not a Cricut Product Expert, but I check the Cricut site frequently and notify you as soon as possible when I see a new box. And I haven’t missed a single box since doing this!

In March 2021, Cricut released a handful of different boxes without informing anyone, even the Product Experts. So there weren’t any kind of notifications of when the boxes went on sale and no unboxings to find out the contents ahead of time: they were true mystery boxes! The only way to know when a new box was available was to stalk the Cricut site–which is why it doesn’t hurt to sign up for my notifications, just in case Cricut does this again!

And if you want to be extra cautious (or crazy 😜) like me, I’ve been keeping a browser tab permanently open on my computer and phone to Cricut’s website and refresh it every day between 9 am and 2 pm MST a few times, which seems to be roughly the window when mystery boxes are released. (I know I have a problem, but it’s fine.)

Another way to be notified when a Cricut Mystery Box is released is to join Cricut crafting groups on Facebook (such as Jennifer Maker’s). Sometimes members post when they’ve just noticed a new mystery box available on the Cricut website. If you happen to be on Facebook at the right time, you might get lucky and hear about a mystery box in time to snag one.

(Note: This link will take you to the same page as digital mystery boxes (if one’s available), so be sure to read the item description to know what kind of mystery box you’re ordering! You can read all about digital mystery boxes here.)

A final hint: sometimes if an old box has been up on Cricut’s site for awhile (usually long-since out of stock) and then you notice that they remove it, it might mean they’re thinking about releasing a new one soon (not always, but it’s definitely clued me in a couple times before).

Remember, there can be more than one mystery box released in a single month! Sometimes it’s a combination of a digital box and regular box, or sometimes it’s a combination of a $39.99 box (no cutie) and a $49.99 box (cutie). Or sometimes there will only be one box released, you never know.

How much do Cricut Mystery Boxes Cost?

Cricut mystery boxes usually cost between $39.99 and $49.99* (with MSRP between $110-180). Infusible Ink Mystery Boxes usually cost $74.99.

*February 2022 Update: There have been three boxes now that were priced at $59.99 (with a Cricut cutie)–similar MSRPs as listed above, but the value seemed greater in my opinion (there were a couple items that are more expensive than what usually comes in mystery boxes). Or, maybe Cricut is raising their prices for mystery boxes, which would be sad…but I guess we’ll see.

How can you get discounts on Cricut Mystery Boxes?

If you are a Cricut Access subscriber, you will receive an additional 10% off. If you are a Premium Access subscriber, you will receive an additional 20% off. (Check out my post on Cricut Access for more details!)

You can also apply an additional coupon code to mystery box purchases if you have one and get an even better discount (sometimes Cricut sends coupons for new subscribers/Access members, etc.), but usually coupon codes are only applied to the additional items in your order and not the mystery box itself.

How can you get a Cricut Mystery Box?

Luck. Well, it’s partly luck. There’s only a limited number of boxes released so it’s first come, first served. If you want to snag a box, you’re going to want to be ready to get on the Cricut website right when the box is released.

*February 2022 Update: it doesn’t seem like it’s been as difficult to get a mystery box for the past few boxes now–I’ve noticed that you could still purchase the box hours later and sometimes even then next day or two after a box was released. So, either the demand has gone down (possibly also correlated with the recent price increase), or Cricut is supplying more boxes than before–so maybe not quite as limited as we thought. Either way, these next tips still might be handy to know.

In the past, the Cricut site would get super busy and crash when a mystery box was released, leading you to not be able to put the box in your cart (even if it was available) or giving you errors. I haven’t had this happen to me in awhile, but if it does, try any of these things to help:

  • try a different browser
  • try a different device
  • refresh the page if you get stuck or get errors
  • try a different method of payment (I’ve heard people say they didn’t have any issues using PayPal, but I always just use a card)
  • click “save for later” and then add it to your cart from your saved items
  • check back frequently in case Cricut “spaces out” the release — with some boxes, Cricut removes the item description temporarily and then adds it back (probably to prevent the site from crashing and to allow more people a chance to purchase)
  • sign in and save your payment/address details to save time when purchasing future boxes

When I purchased my very first box, I was able to put the box in my cart right away but it took me about 10 tries before I could checkout (refreshing the page, etc.), and the box sold out only a few minutes after that. With the second box I purchased, the Cricut site was SUPER slow and kept “thinking” while I was trying to add the box to my cart. I had to refresh the page and enter my payment details multiple times (I kept getting errors) before the order FINALLY went through. Getting to that order confirmation screen is kind of a rush, not going to lie.

how to buy a Cricut mystery box

If the site is letting you add the mystery box to your cart, I feel like you have a pretty good shot at getting a box (but it also depends how long the mystery box has been on sale, because I think the site can kick it back out of your cart if it has sold out before you’re able to checkout).

I know…it’s a process. Be patient and keep trying! And good luck!

Like I mentioned above, with some boxes, Cricut has multiple release times (usually within the same day) of a mystery box on their site. This hasn’t happened for several boxes now, but I still recommend checking back frequently for the next few hours and you may be lucky enough to see the box come back in stock (even though it may have previously said “out of stock”).

If the box is showing up and you can’t add it to your cart and you get the warning “product that you are trying to add is not available,” then it is most likely officially sold out. Mystery boxes go fast, usually within the first few hours, so jump on it when you see one!

Who can buy Cricut Mystery Boxes? Can you buy a Cricut Mystery Box if you don’t have a Cricut?

You don’t have to own a Cricut machine to be able to purchase a mystery box, but certain items may not be useful or compatible with other cutting machines. You DO have to be a current Cricut Access subscriber to purchase the higher-priced boxes that contain a cutie, and you will need to be logged in. Also, unfortunately, mystery boxes are currently not available for purchase outside the United States and Canada.

How fast will you receive your Cricut Mystery Box once you’ve placed your order?

You should receive your mystery box within 1-2 weeks of purchase. The Cricut site may give you warnings of shipping delays, which may affect your order. Either way, you should get order and shipment e-mail notifications along the way, just like with any other order placed through the Cricut website.

Most of my mystery boxes arrive fairly quickly, a little over a week each time. However, my Periwinkle mystery box took FOREVER to come–it got stuck at a local FedEx facility for an entire week, probably just sitting there. I contacted Cricut customer service and it seems they finally got it moving for me. This box took over 2.5 weeks to arrive from when I purchased it, which I do feel is unusual, so I recommend contacting Cricut if you’re concerned about delays.

Can you return a Cricut Mystery Box?

No, all sales are final. The only time you may be able to return a mystery box is if more than one order was accidentally processed at the time of purchase (mystery boxes are supposed to only be one per customer, but glitches do happen). Again, I can’t personally guarantee you’ll be granted a return, so please contact Cricut with any issues.

So, the bottom line…

Are Cricut Mystery Boxes worth it?

There are 3 things I would say you should consider before purchasing a Cricut Mystery Box:

What’s in a Cricut Mystery Box: will you use the items?

I think the worth of a Cricut Mystery Box depends on where you’re at in your vinyl crafting: are you an experienced Cricut crafter with a fully-stocked craft room? Or are you just starting out and looking to expand your supplies? I fall into that second category, so mystery boxes have been a great deal for me.

Like most beginners, I started with a lot of basics (think white and black HTV, removable, and permanent vinyl) but I lack a lot of the fun patterned and speciality vinyl. Receiving a themed box of coordinated products that generally go along with the current season/holiday is a lot of fun and great for building up my Cricut supplies! Plus, it’s super motivating to have new supplies to knock out some fun craft projects for whatever holiday is coming up.

Another thing to consider is that some items included in mystery boxes are either sold out on Cricut’s website or completely unavailable (like the Gold Essential Tools that came in the Wine O’Clock Mystery Box). I feel this adds a lot of value to mystery boxes, personally, but others may tell you that some of those items are Cricut’s way of getting rid of clearance items (which may or may not be true, but doesn’t bother me because I still enjoy receiving a variety of new materials to try).

I’d definitely recommend watching an unboxing video (if available) before purchasing a mystery box (I do realize this ruins the “mystery”). That way if it’s a box with a lot of duplicate items that you already own or includes things that you know you’d never use, you can pass. (Or, if you’re a Cricut cutie collector you can see if a cutie will be included and what color to continue growing your collection!)

The cost of a Cricut Mystery Box

I would say you get a lot for your money with a Cricut Mystery Box–they’re usually priced between $39.99 and $49.99* (MSRP between $110-180, so that’s a pretty great discount). But I’ve also gotten high-quality vinyl from other companies at equally-great discounts (think Black Friday sales), so it can be sixes.

Keep in mind that you’ll receive an additional 10% discount for being a Cricut Access subscriber and a 20% discount for being a Premium Cricut Access subscriber. You can also usually enter an additional promo code if you have one. I believe shipping is free for Cricut Mystery Boxes (at least it’s been free for all the mystery boxes I’ve ordered). Once all those discounts have been applied, this ends up being a great deal in my opinion!

(But…I also know I can’t support a monthly mystery box habit indefinitely, so I may have to try to be pickier in the future…it’s those dang cuties that are making me weak, I’m telling you.πŸ˜…)

*Cricut has recently been releasing Infusible Ink Mystery Boxes that are a little pricier than the normal boxes ($74.99). However, they’re still an amazing value and often include cuties! It’s a great way to stock up on Infusible Ink, especially if you use the Mug Press or make any kind of sublimation crafts.

The excitement of a Cricut Mystery Box

It’s kind of a rush ordering a Cricut Mystery Box. I’m not sure I should be recommending you purchase one purely on that…but it is a lot of fun to try to get one! And then you only have to wait a week or so to receive your happy mail! And everyone loves happy mail. (Am I being a bad influence here? Maybe, I don’t know. πŸ˜†)

Cricut Mystery Boxes are definitely fun and exciting, so, if you can afford it in your craft budget and you know you’ll use the supplies (that’s the important part), I say go for it!

Oh, and you may or may not want to consult your spouse first…but that’s up to you. I’m lucky that this was my husband’s response when I told him I purchased another one:

Cricut cutie mystery boxes

The “family” being our Cricut cutie family…πŸ˜‚

Is there a Cricut Mystery Box currently available?

To see if there is a current mystery box available, you can check here: Cricut Mystery Box. If the page says “we can’t find products matching the selection” or “your search returned no results”, then there isn’t a mystery box currently available. If you can see a box but it is sold out, it will say “Out of Stock.” You may still be able to click on the item, but you will get an error when trying to add it to your cart that says “product that you are trying to add is not available.”

Your best bet of catching a Cricut Mystery Box is to sign up for email notifications, either from a Cricut Product Expert such as Jennifer Maker or Melody Lane (though I’ve noticed they don’t always send notifications) or sign up for my notifications–I have been sending a notification for every mystery box, and usually within the first hour of release (I’m not a Cricut Product Expert, so I don’t get any kind of heads-up: I simply check the Cricut site frequently and notify you as soon as possible when I see a new box).


And don’t forget to confirm your subscription and whitelist me, otherwise you won’t be officially subscribed and I can’t send you emails!

Can there be more than one Cricut Mystery Box available at one time?

Yes! BUT, it would be a combination of a DIGITAL mystery box and a regular mystery box. I’ve seen this happen several times, so just make sure you double check which one you are trying to purchase. If Cricut has released a digital box that month but not a regular, I’d still stay on the lookout for the regular!

What Came in Past Cricut Mystery Boxes?

What came in the March 2022 “Easter Egg” Mystery Box?

  • Iron-on vinyl – Lilac
  • Iron-on vinyl – Sugar Berry Sampler
  • Permanent vinyl – Mint
  • Permanent vinyl – Light Yellow
  • Infusible ink – Rose Pink
  • Infusible ink – Party Pink
  • FabricGrip Machine Mat – 12×24
  • Gel pen set – Milky Urban Rainbow, 1.0 (5-ct.)
  • Scoring Stylus
  • Cricut Cutie – Lilac

This box was released Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 10:30 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $130.90

What came in the March 2022 “Cool, Calm and Collected” Mystery Box?

Cool, calm and collected Cricut mystery box 2022
  • Iron-on vinyl – Purple
  • Permanent vinyl – Forest Green
  • Removable holographic vinyl – Blue
  • Transfer Tape
  • StrongGrip Mat
  • Cricut Joy LightGrip Mat
  • TrueControl Kit – Blue
  • Washable Fabric Pen – 1.0
  • Cricut Cutie – Cobalt (first released in the November 2019 Black Friday mystery box)

This box was released Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 11:00 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $123.90

What came in the March 2022 “Glow Sticks & Graffiti” Mystery Box?

  • Permanent vinyl – Brights Sampler
  • Removable vinyl – Bright Yellow
  • Removable vinyl – Holographic Neon Riot Sampler
  • Iron-on vinyl – Neon Glow Sticks Sampler
  • Iron-on vinyl – Bright Blue
  • Iron-on vinyl – Neon Orange
  • SportFlex Iron-on vinyl – Neon Yellow
  • Infusible ink pen set – 0.4, Neons, (5-ct.)
  • Pen set – 0.3, Brights, (5-ct.)
  • Cricut Cutie – Coral

This box was released Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $136.90

What came in the February 2022 “Brights” Mystery Box?

What came in the Brights Cricut Mystery Box February 2022

This box was released Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $131.42

What came in the February 2022 “Persimmon Permission” Mystery Box?

This box was released Friday, February 11, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $143.90

What came in the January 2022 “Bohemian Beauty” Mystery BOx?

This box was released Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $59.99, MSRP: $180.92

What came in the January 2022 “Bare Necessities” Mystery Box?

This box was released Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $150.40

What Came in the December 2021 “Sparkle & Shine” Mystery Box?

Sparkle & Shine Cricut Mystery Box

This box was released Friday, December 17, 2021 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $143.90

What came in the November 2021 “Holiday” Mystery Box?

holiday Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Thursday, November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving Day!) at 10:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $122

What came in the November 2021 “Falling for Hue” Mystery Box?

falling for hue Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Thursday, November 12, 2021 at 11:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $125.90

What came in the October 2021 “Halloween” Mystery Box?

Halloween Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Friday, October 22, 2021 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $39.99, MSRP: $103.90

What came in the October 2021 “Something Borrowed” Mystery Box?

something borrowed Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Monday, October 18, 2021 at 11:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $132.90

What came in the September 2021 “Fall into Flamingo” Mystery Box?

fall into flamingo Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $130.41

What came in the September 2021 “Green with Envy” Mystery Box?

green with envy Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Tuesday, September 7, 2021 around 10:00 am MST. Price: $39.99, MSRP: $104.91

What Came in the August 2021 “Bright Bow Infusible Ink” Mystery Box?

bright bow infusible ink Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was released Thursday, August 26, 2021 around 1:30 pm MST. Price: $74.99, MSRP: $199.87

What came in the August 2021 “Back to School” Mystery Box?

back to school Cricut Mystery Box 2021

This box was released Tuesday, August 17, 2021 around 10:00 am MST. Price: $39.99, MSRP: $119.92

I totally wasn’t going to buy another mystery box without a cutie…but the variety in this one was too good to pass up! And I can never say no to extra mats…can we just admit I have a problem? πŸ€ͺ

What came in the July 2021 “Tropical Infusible Ink” Mystery Box?

This box was released Tuesday, July 27, 2021 around 12:00 pm MST. Price: $74.99, MSRP: $197.87

I seriously wasn’t going to buy this box (because I bought the last infusible ink box and my crafting budget is quickly diminishing)…but those dang cuties! How do I resist?! It’s okay though. I’ve been playing with infusible ink and I’m IN LOVE with it. I also think this box is an AMAZING value.

What came in the July 2021 “Birds of a Feather” Mystery Box?

birds of a feather Cricut mystery box July 2021
peacock blue Cricut Cutie

This box was released Thursday, July 1, 2021 around 10:00 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $147.40

This box went very quickly! When I last looked around 10:45 am, it was already showing out of stock. If you’re reading this on July 1st, I’d still check back periodically to see if it “comes back in stock”, but you may be out of luck.

What came in the June 2021 “Man Cave Infusible Ink” Mystery Box?

Man Cave Infusible Ink Cricut Mystery Box 2021
man cave infusible ink Cricut mystery box June 2021

This box was released Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 10:00 am MST. Price: $74.99, MSRP: $197.87

This box didn’t sell out quite as quickly as previous boxes (probably due to the higher price). I almost didn’t buy it for that reason, but I thought it would be a great way for me to experiment with infusible ink, which is new to me. I will create some infusible ink tutorials and put them on my YouTube channel soon to show you how I use this box.

What came in the June 2021 “Summer Breezy” Mystery Box?

Summer Breezy Cricut Mystery Box June 2021

For more reveal videos (and craft tutorials), be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Summer Breezy Cricut Mystery Box June 2021

This box was released Thursday, June 17, 2021 around 10:30 am MST. Price $49.99, MSRP $131.92

This box, again, was released early to Cricut Product Experts (or they at least knew the contents of the box ahead of time), so, if you wanted, you could do a google search to see the contents before purchasing (but there weren’t advance notifications, so it was still first-come-first-served on the Cricut website like usual). I sent out an email notification to my subscribers as soon as I saw the box (it was a little later than normal, but there was still plenty of time to purchase the box before it had sold out). You can sign up for my email notifications here.

What came in the May 2021 “Land of the Free” Mystery Box?

Land of the Free Cricut Mystery Box May 2021

A few bloggers/Cricut Product Experts received this box ahead of time and revealed the contents the day this box was released (this is the first time Cricut has done that since before March of this year—I apologize to any email subscribers that I told otherwise, but, for the record, I got my email notification out to subscribers long before the Cricut Product Expert did, yay for being obsessed with mystery boxes, haha!).

This box was NOT Access exclusive (it was available to anyone in the US or CA). Based on that and the lower price, I knew it would NOT contain a Cricut cutie–which is a bummer, because I would’ve loved a royal blue one. πŸ˜‰

This box was released Thursday, May 27, 2021 around 10 am MST. Price $39.99, MSRP $113.40

Note: This is the first time I’ve had a mystery box that did not include free shipping. So, I added a small item to my cart to bring the total up to $50 and then I was able to get free shipping with my Premium Access subscription–basically, by doing this, I got that additional item for free! I’m all about getting the best deal!

What came in the May 2021 “Brings May Flowers” Mystery Box?

Brings May Flowers Cricut Mystery Box 2021
Brings May Flowers Cricut Mystery Box 2021
Brings May Flowers Cricut Mystery Box 2021

This box was released Thursday, May 13, 2021 around 10 am MST (or possibly even earlier around 9 am). Price $49.99, MSRP $135.40

With this release, it seemed that Cricut was turning the mystery box “on and off,” so the box only seemed to appear for a short time and then it would disappear again (until it finally sold out). A tip if this happens again: if you can see the box but are having trouble adding it to your cart, try clicking “save for later” and then add it to your cart from your saved items—you may be able to purchase that way.

This box was exclusive to Access subscribers (and it did contain a cutie!). My Premium Access gave me a 20% discount again! Yay–so worth it!

What came in the April 2021 “Mermaid Teal” Mystery Box?

Mermaid Teal Cricut Mystery Box
Mermaid Teal Cricut Mystery Box 2021

This box was released Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 11:30 am MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP $122.41 (and released again several other times throughout the day after previously saying “out of stock”—it “sold out” within the first 30 minutes the first time, but came available again later)

This mystery box was Access exclusive and did include a cutie, as predicted.

This was a true mystery box again, and I’ve been loving the surprise factor! (Though…I did see the color of the Cricut cutie in a Facebook group, and then after that I deleted Facebook from my phone so I wouldn’t accidentally see reveal pictures before I got my box. I take this very seriously. πŸ˜‰)

What came in the March 2021 “Periwinkle” Mystery Box?

periwinkle mystery box Cricut 2021
periwinkle Cricut mystery box 2021

This box was (officially) released Friday, March 26, 2021 around 9:00 am MST (and released again around 11:00 am, 12:30 pm, and possibly one other time). Price $49.99, MSRP $140.42

(This box was accidentally released for a short time on March 11, 2021 and a handful of people were able to purchase it before Cricut removed it from their site. Some people later confirmed with Cricut that this was a glitch and the box wasn’t supposed to be released until the 26th).

Like I mentioned earlier, this box took 2.5 weeks to arrive, so that’s why I didn’t end up doing a reveal video on this one. But I hope to do more reveals for future boxes that do arrive on time! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten this box: I was away from my phone for most of the morning (okay, I’ll admit, I was sleeping in after a very late craft night–and thankfully my husband had the day off and could take our toddler). I checked the Cricut website around noon and then the crafting Facebook groups and was so broken-hearted to see that I had missed not only one release, but the second one as well. I kept trying to add the box to my cart anyway, even though I was pretty sure it was officially out of stock. And THEN! THEN around 12:30 I was able to add the box to my cart and checkout! I screamed and did a very loud happy dance and the toddler thought it was hilarious and very exciting.

What came in the March 2021 “Tropical Paradise” Mystery Box?

tropical paradise mystery box Cricut 2021
tropical paradise Cricut mystery box 2021

As suspected, this box DID NOT contain a Cricut cutie. (Again, use the “formula”– $39.99 + not Access exclusive) = probably no cutie)

This box was released Monday, March 22, 2021 around 11:00 am MST. Price: $39.99, MSRP: $114.41

I wasn’t able to order one in the first release (at 11:00 am), but Cricut released it again around 1:45 pm and I was able to add it to my cart and checkout! My easiest checkout experience yet!

What came in the March 2021 “Wine O’Clock” Mystery Box?

Cricut wine o'clock merlot mystery box
Cricut wine o'clock merlot mystery box

This box was released Wednesday, March 10, 2021 around 2:00 pm MST (and re-released again on March 16th and March 18th for very short times, possibly due to prior computer issues or wanting to allow more people a chance to purchase one). Price: $49.99, MSRP: $141.42

I just happened to refresh my tab that was opened to the Cricut website and was able to purchase this box by 3:15 pm (though, I think it was available for even longer than that this time).

The Blue Jean Baby Mystery Box was released March 5, 2021 around 10 am MST and it was a true mystery box–no notifications or unboxings were available prior to its release. And unfortunately I didn’t see it on Cricut’s website until later that day and it was already out of stock (I was so bummed when I found out it was indeed a real mystery box!). Some people are speculating that Cricut released the mystery box this way this time to avoid the site crashing like it has done the last couple times, or maybe they are surprise mystery boxes for the month of March, which is Craft Month.

What came in the February 2021 “White as Snow” Mystery Box?

how to get a Cricut mystery box
Cricut White as Snow Mystery Box: are Cricut Mystery Boxes worth it?

This box included:

This box was released Tuesday, February 23, 2021 around 11:00 AM MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $151.40

What came in the January 2021 “All You Need is Love” Mystery Box?

how to get a Cricut mystery box
Cricut mystery box

This box included:

This box was released Thursday, January 21, 2021 around 10:00 AM MST. Price: $49.99, MSRP: $146.40

(Just for fun, I created a sample shopping cart on the Cricut website of all the January 2021 Mystery Box items and the subtotal came to $65.54, even though every item was on sale or clearanced–I saved more than $15 by purchasing these items in the mystery box!)

Cricut Mystery Boxes

I hope you found this post helpful! If you’ve purchased a Cricut Mystery Box before, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments! And good luck if you’re ordering one for the first time–I hope you get it and love it!

cricut mystery box red apple cutie

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are Cricut Mystery Boxes worth it?
cricut mystery box advice and tips

7 thoughts on “What Are Cricut Mystery Boxes and Are They Worth It?”

  1. New $39.99 Mystery Box just posted – Green With Envy. No idea yet what’s in it except there’s likely to be a lot of green! πŸ™‚

  2. annette oconnell

    LOL I stumbled upon your blog searching or should I say stalking Cricut Website for a mystery box! Great job in discussing the Mystery box, one thing I think you may have left out is that most collectors use the formula that if a mystery box is released and you need to be an access member to purchase then that usually means it includes a cutie, and they are the ones that sell out in an hour or less lol and they are normally $49.99 the mystery boxes without cuties anyone can purchase they do not need to be an access member and they are usually $39.99, and sometimes they do not sell out for a few days
    Anywho, welcome to the Cutie Club, we also have just Cutie FB groups that we belong to, like if one of us miss a box or cannot check out, someone who got multiples will post the box or just the Cutie for sale, Most collectors in the groups are kind awesome beings however there are a handful of mean judgemental and jealous folk, who try to bully and shame others which is unfortunate because at the end of the day we all love cricut and the cuties – Thanks again for your Article, look forward to seeing others – Happy Cutie and Mystery box hunting

    1. Hi Annette! This is great information! I wasn’t sure if the formula of needing an access subscription and price of $49.99 *always* guarantees a Cutie, but that’s kind of what I’ve been going off of too. And it’s good to note that the other boxes won’t sell out quite as fast.
      Good luck to you, too, with the hunting! I’m definitely living on the Cricut website these days, haha. It’s like a new craft hobby…that doesn’t even require crafting.πŸ˜‚

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